About Aloha Bob

He’s not too hard to figure out, but great at what he does


Aloha Bob Moffa is a premiere photographer, website creator, and graphic designer living in the Metro Atlanta area. He’s called Aloha Bob because he wears one of his over 300 Hawaiian-inspired Aloha shirts daily. He truly is “The Guy in the Hawaiian Shirt.”

His photography career started in the 1980s. Aloha Bob has the knowledge and expertise to capture moments perfectly. Add graphic design, website design and hosting, fashion creation, and marketing to the mix, and he is a renaissance man.

A sense of relaxation is important during a photo shoot, and Aloha Bob understands that to take the best photos, you need to be yourself around the photographer. His casual, fun style will put you at ease so that your best will stand out.

Aloha Bob has an unmatched talent for capturing beauty. Whether it is the inner or sensual beauty of a lady, the majestic beauty of a landscape, or the beauty of an innovative product, Aloha Bob uses all of his knowledge, skill, and experience to make your photographs memorable.

Aloha Bob can tell the story of your wedding, family, or business in photographs. He has the amazing ability to visualize the story and create images and poses to communicate that story in pictures. But he does more than simply take pictures. He creates magic his clients appreciate.

Not only is Aloha Bob the brains and brawn behind Aloha Bob Style, Glancing View, and See the Model, but he also teaches others to use their camera and edit images via his web-based training videos at Photographers Clubhouse.

Because Aloha Bob’s endeavors are imagination-sourced, he has become a leader in his the photography and graphic design industry. He is the best choice for your photography and graphic design needs, so let Aloha Bob tell your story. Just looks for The Guy in the Hawaiian Shirt.