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Aloha Bob is the best photographer in Atlanta, the best web designer in Atlanta

About Aloha Bob

The best photographer, web developer, and graphic designer, that also publishes board games, and has his own line of fashion, in metro Atlanta.

Aloha Bob Moffa is a premiere photographer, website creator, and graphic designer in the Metro Atlanta area. He’s called Aloha Bob because he wears one of his over 300 Hawaiian-inspired Aloha shirts daily. He truly is “The Guy in the Hawaiian Shirt.”

His photography career started in the 1980s. Later adding graphic design, website design, fashion, marketing, and even board game creation to the mix, he is a renaissance man.

The telling of a story of a family or business is important, and he has the amazing ability to do just that, both visually and with words.

Because Aloha Bob’s endeavors are imagination-sourced, he has become a leader in the photography and graphic design industry. He is the best choice for your photography and graphic design needs, so let Aloha Bob tell your story. Just looks for The Guy in the Hawaiian Shirt
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